Leveling the Latency Playing Field

About Us

Lidya Tech is a specialized technology firm designing and delivering ultra-low latency trading technology solutions.

Our clients are proprietary trading firms, quantitative hedge funds, and sell side organizations who rely on us to deliver the fastest and most reliable infrastructure available.

Financial market participants collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually trying to reduce system latency. This reduction in latency is crucial for improving execution quality and maximizing the performance of trading strategies and internal systems. Most firms simply cannot keep up with today’s hardware-based technology and the nanosecond precision required to be at the leading edge.

Until now, the complete technology offering needed to execute trades at latencies that can compete with and even beat the most sophisticated HFT firms has never been broadly available. The HFTs keep it proprietary and the existing vendors simply do not deliver the required performance or scalability.

The Lidya Tech solution to this problem is to build the lowest latency and most scalable trading infrastructure possible and commoditize it.

The mission of Lidya Tech is to make previously unavailable ultra-low latency technology accessible to firms of all sizes so they can focus on their core competency of strategy research and development without being constrained by trading platform latency.

Established in 2016, Lidya Tech is at the forefront of ultra-low latency trading infrastructure. By combining cutting-edge engineering expertise with high-frequency trading experience, Lidya Tech delivers scalable and reliable infrastructure at market leading latency and flexibility.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The core product of Lidya Tech is a turn key hardware-based trading platform that provides ultra-low latency execution as a flexible and cost-effective service.

This offering is suitable for

Firms that are spending significant time and money on their own hardware solutions but are unable
to achieve the necessary latency.
Firms looking to reduce the cost of designing, building and maintaining their own hardware platform
Firms on software platforms that cannot afford or do not have the expertise to build their own
hardware platform.
Firms who are looking to provide superior execution services to their clients.


Lowest Available Latency

The Lidya Tech Platform tick to order latency is sub 150ns which includes market data parsing, book building, pre-trade risk checks and order generation.

Easy to Implement Strategies

The Lidya Tech Platform is designed to be used by software engineers and does not require specialized FPGA knowledge. Our clients have total privacy and control of their trading algorithms which are written in C/C++ and are then verified and compiled to the FPGA automatically via easy to use tools.

Clients Have Complete Control

The Lidya Tech Platform is designed to give clients complete control of the system and their strategy code. Clients communicate with the platform parameters and data via an API that provides access to everything needed to control and monitor the system and strategies. A web-based GUI is provided that serves as a Control Screen which can monitor and manage all configuration and control settings for everything on the FPGA as well as display pnl, fills, positions, orders, real time configurable risk checks, system status, etc.

Designed for Scalability

The Lidya Tech Platform is designed to be extremely scalable and have a small datacenter footprint. Each 1U server can handle up to 2048 symbols with full MBO depth, 16 unique strategies which can each trade every symbol, and manage over 32,000 open orders.

Fully Managed Solution

All infrastructure is offered as a hosted solution which provides a true end-to-end product for clients. This makes not just the trading platform latency deterministic but also makes the total cost of using the trading platform deterministic as well.

Market Data in a Switch (MDiaS)

Lidya Tech can also provide a layer 1 switch built with three FPGA’s which are connected through the switch fabric that runs our same Market Data Parsing and Book Building code for clients who cannot use our PaaS offering.


Lowest available latency

Utilizing our custom designed FPGA in a switch, we offer market data feed parsing and book building with a tick to algo latency under 100ns.

Plug and Play Implementation

By deploying a turnkey Layer 1 switch that sits between the exchange and the trading servers in a colocation cage, we can replace clients’ current switches without any code changes in their trading set up.

Regulatory Requirements Complaint

MDiaS offering is suitable for funds or other organizations who may have regulatory restrictions that prevent them from using a PaaS model.

Lowering Latency of Telecom Networks between Exchanges

MDiaS offering is particularly useful for Telecom companies who are interested in accelerating their raw market data processing, book building, and porting their compression/decompression software to hardware in the switch.

Custom Solutions

Lidya Tech can also provide custom FPGA based solutions designed for the lowest latency and highest throughput possible.

Smart order routers
Matching engines
Risk checks
Risk consolidation across trading desks
High-performance market data handling
FIX parsing

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